VE Web App- Equity Platform

Enabling homeowners access to the value in their home without loans and property investors the chance to build a portfolio of fractional residential real estate NFTs. The main aim is to connect homeowners directly to investors. By doing this we eliminate lenders and liberate home equity for the homeowner and investor to create a more prosperous future for all.

My Remedy Web App

My Remedy App is an innovative solution to the procurement of cannabis. Its mission is to provide a platform for end-users, store owners, and producers to connect, purchase and sell products in a smooth and efficient way. In addition, user reviews are collected to develop a unique algorithm that helps suggest the best product for a user’s desired goals and intentions of use.

LGND Web App-Artwork on NFT is a platform that delivers high-quality, professional limited edition digital art for sale as a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) which is a unit of currency stored on the blockchain technology. The ecosystem is designed to be a collaborative community driving dynamic interaction between art collectors and a curated roster of best-in-class artists.