Iron Mom App

Iron Mom App


The IRON MOM is an app that helps pregnant women learn about the effects of low iron in pregnancy. Iron is a critical mineral for the health of pregnant women and their babies. The IRON MOM app provides guidance on how to take iron pills properly and how to manage side effects. It also teaches you to have the confidence to ask your health care provider about your blood tests and about iron replacement.

My Role


User Persona

User Flow


Visual Design


To make the design effective and tested to be user-friendly, completed 5 stages of the design process. Beginning from the problem statement and finding and sketching out the solutions for the concept after doing research. Wireframing and testing it with the users, iterate and completing UI design, and making a prototype. Giving the app to real users for testing, and finally by launching the app.


Problem & Process

Iron-deficiency anemia is the most common type, and as 20% of women, 50% or more of pregnant women, and 3% of men don’t have enough iron in their bodies, it’s easy to see why. Pregnant women are at an increased risk of iron deficiency anemia simply because pregnancy puts a higher blood supply-demand on the body than under normal circumstances.

01 Understanding the User

As low iron is easy to detect and relatively easy to treat, the client realized it was clearly falling through the cracks for one reason or another. It just wasn’t being properly monitored or prioritized. And the seed for Iron Mom had been planted.

02 Better User Experience

It was basically a paper-based toolkit in the form of posters in ob/GYN clinics and step-by-step guides on diagnosing and treating the condition. But now a digital solution would work better to get crucial information into the hands of clinicians and patients faster and regardless of location.

03 Awareness Campaign

We have found that doing the awareness campaign about iron deficiency, motivates pregnant women to take participate by using the App. We designed posters, postcards, script pads, and a website for this purpose.

User Persona

Rebecca Aly

Age – 28 years
Profession: Manager
Location: Toranto, Canada


Rebecca is facing iron deficiency in her body during her first pregnancy. The condition can cause premature delivery, low birth weight, childhood anemia, postpartum depression, and even death.


End Goal

– Guidance on how to take iron pills properly.
– Add the lab results to track the iron levels on time.
– Manage side effects of the treatment.

User Flow

Created a user flow to understand how the users navigate & behave. This was then updated after the user feedback.



Sketches & Ideation

After completing the research, time to sketch down some ideas with initial features. This was also shared with other team members for feedback.



High Fidelity
Wireframe & Testing

The high fidelity wireframes are important to show the content, information and for structuring the basic layout. It really helped in the UI design part and for user testing of the initial solutions.


UI Design & Prototype

Once the features and functionality of the application decided, the next step was to work on user interface design and then prototype it so the stack holders and users can use it and give their valuable feedback.


Lato type family with different sizes have been used for better legibility.

Large Title Lato Black 40pt
H1 Lato Bold 28pt
H2 Lato Bold 18pt
H3 Lato Regular 14pt
Call to Action Lato Bold 14pt
Body Lato Regular 14pt
Caption Lato Bold 12pt


Illustrative and meaningful icons have been used for accomplishing intuitive design.

Color Palette

Brand colors have been used with a lot of white spaces to give the app a neat look and for a better user experience.

Visual Design

Kept the design simple and visually appealing by using a minimalistic design approach. As there were a lot of features that’s why the aim is to make it simple and easy to use with less or no cognitive load.


Easy to access resources, focusing on results & reminders.


Add lab results for Hemoglobin and Ferritin levels


Record of the supplements taken with date highlighter.


Appreciation screen for the achievement of the 7 days streak.


Adding and tracking Hemoglobin & Frittin levels.


Reminder to maintain the recommended iron level.


Collection of best resources for pregnant women.


To test the iron awareness among pregnant women.


User Testing & Result

Once the design and prototype have completed we give this app to different targeted users. After their feedback and multiple iterations, we were able to sign off on this to the development. After the launch of the app, we got a 4+ rating from the targeted satisfied users.

User Feedback

We’ve heard overwhelmingly positive reactions from everyone we’ve shown this to. It’s kind of a no-brainer – everybody gets it. We’re not talking about complicated brain surgery – it’s a very simple solution which is why we’re confident this will start to positively impact women and change the way we look at anemia in pregnancy and beyond.

Drs. Michelle Sholzberg

Stack Holder


Users love the depth of knowledge and features that include daily journaling, symptom tracking, meal plans and recipes, real-time answers to FAQs from the in-built chatbot, alerts, tips, advice, and guidance on fostering a healthier gut and lifestyle. Unsurprisingly, the app has also become a valuable resource for healthcare practitioners working with those suffering from digestive issues.

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